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                   Website by Shane Strong mapleleaf logo by Simoty.
**Special note to people visiting my site, as of today  January 12, 2005 I will be not taking any paint requests. The reason for this the next 2 months I will be finishing up the ones I have and then I start school. This Brings me to the next part as  I will be in class and working for the next year my paints will be very limited I will try and put something up each month for your flying pleasure. Hopefully after February 2006 I will be able to get back to normal thanks for your time. **

Hi Everyone welcome to my internet home here on the world wide web as you all know, I do 3d graphics for Flight simulator 2004 as a hobby. I am using this site so you can see what I am currently working on and to answer questions and point you the way to find my Textures. I have been involved in this hobby since FS2000 and taught myself how to do all this fancy graphic stuff that keeps getting more involved everyday.
     A little about my self I live here in Nova Scotia, Canada, I have been living here all my life. My profession is a advanced life support paramedic which I have been doing for 17 years. I have worked also as a firefighter for 7 years and I was in the military reserves as a machine gunner for 2 years. I also worked the night and some of the recovery of Swiss air. I live in a small town called Bridgewater which is 45 minutes west of Halifax.
I try and come close as I can get to realism in my Textures! I do everything by hand in my texturing, I try and stay away from the photo real stuff as I find that is just copying a picture onto a 3d model not actually painting it. Also it has been a policy of mine to only do repaints of existing aircraft that actually fly or have flown. I try and promote Canada in my endeavors and that is usually what I paint in my planes not to say I might do one from another country but usually they have artists that represent there countries pretty well. I do not complete with anyone I do my own thing but I will not limit myself as someone already did that well I do what I want so it might get done by me as well.

 Techno garb ignore the next few lines if you do not care for it.

    My Texturing and Flying System consists of a Pentium 4 3.0 gig processor with 1 gig of ram, ATI x800pro Video Card, 160 gigs of hard drive. A 17 inch tft Samsung 173t monitor, Sound Blaster Audigy Sound Card hooked to a Logitech kick ass sound system, and a Saitek x45 joystick combo.

End of ignore.


Currently I am learning FSDS 2 with Donald AKA Zoren from VCDG who is a great guy who is teaching me. When Avsim gets its new server up the downloads section will be fixed up with direct links hopefully this will be soon. You can find my stuff on Avsim or Flightsim.com  as these are my usual upload sites just search my name Shane Strong.


Other Programs I use for fun are Operation Flashpoint, Lockon, Strike Fighters, Americas Army.

My texturing is done with the following: Paint Shop Pro 9.01, Adobe Photoshop, Gmax, DXTbmp, Imagetool and Sharpshooter without these i wouldn't be able to do this thanks for all involved in these programs. Also a special thanks to all those who have taught me or helped me along in anyway in this Area.

Some interesting stats from Avsim and flightsim as of July 21, 2004, I have had 104,051 downloads of my files at Avsim and 121,204 at flightsim.com totaling 225,255 downloads  whew that's alot.